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It's time for vacation in Albania, moves up in the lists of favorite destinations for Italians. Albanians are realize that this year will accommodate a greater number of vacationers rather than the past, impact from the political crisis in many other countries, particularly those of the Mediterranean like : Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya etc.
The danger of terrorism has also put at risk the holidays in Europe,see the last episode in Oslo.
Albania has proven to be a peaceful country, without terrorism risk, knowing that I could win in the last twenty years of freedom and democracy and have a growing economy, inaccessible despite the recession in the rest of the world, also on the international tourism that marks significant increases each year.
Albanian have been equipped to accommodate more and more and more foreign tourists and own to intercept the increase oftourist flow,,a local company, has developed more specific proposals for Italians who want to spent a quiet holiday in Albania between sea and excursions in the most important cities of the other side of the Adriatic.
Exclusively for the Italians into home of this website here are four proposals for vacation packages to suit every budget and all needs: Who wants to give priority to those who prefer to allocate trips on the beautiful and attractive Albanian coast.
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