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With Italb you can buy your holiday in Albania at reasonable prices and if you want to pay only quuando you to your destination, so without advances. We trust you!
You already have with us the guarantee of maximum service and seriousness. You will like it so much that your vacation that you would recommend it to your family and friends and you will come back and visit us.

Operation of choice for payments:
- When you're in Albania (liquids when you're already on holiday)euros in cash or by bancomat in office.
- By wire transfer to ITALB GLOBAL Sh.P.k. :AL14208121190000057313535301 swift code: USALALTRDR2
- Using Credit Card or Paypal by choosing the option on eBaythrough this link:

Offers Vacation

Payments until 400 euro

Payments until 900 euro

For the first option (payment in Albania), you can choose to pay in cash (you can withdraw from your account using credit countersATM) or by check;
For the second option (you know that the international transfer of results vary on average between 20 and 40 euros) Remember to indicate the reason for choosing the name of the offer, such as "purchase holiday package ...")

For another information: e-mail

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