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Useful information on Albania

Required documents for entering the country.

Passport and identification card for foreign travel:
you must travel with one of these documents have a deadline for at least three made after return from Albania. For EU citizens it is not necessary fields an entry visa. It is recalled that the Albanian legislation on the living stragnieriprovides that you can not stay in the country for a period longer than 90 days within 6 months. Who needs to stay for longer than should therefore apply for aresidence permit to the competent Albanian authorities. Those who do not comply with this requirement risk being refusedleave to enter in Albania (or being expelled from the country,resulting in re-entry ban, if you are already in Albania and exceed the allowed 90 days in semester) .

Currency and customs formalities:
not allowed to leave the country bringing with them the amounts that exceed U.S. $ 20,000 or their equivalent. For the insurance of vehicles is not a valid green card Italian, into the country at the border land or the sea, it is necessary to take out a temporary insurance with a company here that the Albanian average cost for a car for 15 days, and about 50 euros.

Travelling with pets:
There are no specific regulations or quarantine is expected to import pets. however, requires a certificate of good salute. No additional payment.Vaccines are not always available. It is recommended that plan to import an animal in the country, to check before departure that all vaccinations are updated.