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About us

Italb.net was born by the professionalism of those who , in Italy, for over 15 years dedicated their life organizing and selling vacation and travel.

We are structured to follow closely in Albania, and most of all the stages of your vacation, from openness to permanence in thecharming "country of eagles". Albania is now more than ever,considering the risk of terrorism and geo-political turbulence that characterize the other countries, the best solution for a vacation tolive in complete safety and tranquility, without sacrificing the comforts of Europe.
Our greatest satisfaction is the extent to which the proved "pleasantly lived" our proposed holiday in Albania. Suggestions and offers that vary with the changing of the seasons, and for this we suggest you go see Italb.net even when summer is over. For now we just have to advise you not to lose our proposals, selecting from the best summer holiday packages: emerald, topaz, sapphire, pearl and religious tour.